Veltex Chamois - 1.5 sq ft

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Our Genuine chamois leathers are a unique and natural product. Selected sheepskins are 100% cod oil tanned to give the luxurious, golden, soft finish that can absorb six times its weight of water as well as dirt.

The Chamois are manufactured in the traditional method to ensure high performance and durability and allows you to clean with a streak free shine. We strongly believe in supporting the UK manufacturing industry.

To that end we have carefully selected a leading British manufacturer and supplier of chamois leathers to ensure that you receive a genuine quality product that conforms to British and international Standards. There are cheaper imported products available on the market but beware these may not be genuine chamois as they are often produced using inferior methods and won't have the durability that our leathers have.

The Chamois is super soft, solid not stitched and with no holes and supplied with after care instructions. Please note that due to this being a natural shape of the skins all sizes stated are approximate. Please also note that the size stated for the leather chamois is the area of measurement. The dimension does NOT relate to the actual Width or Length of the chamois nor is it a square cut. This means that if you have ordered a 2.5 square ft chamois for example, you will receive a chamois that is 2.5sq ft in area, not 2.5ft in length and 2.5 ft in width.

Caring for your Chamois Leather: The best way to look after your chamois is to rinse it well with warm water and lather it with a bar of soap (just an ordinary bar of soap as you would use to wash your hands). Rinse the soap and dirt from the chamois under warm water and lather the soap in again. Without rinsing in clean water, squeeze it dry and leave the skin to dry naturally, away from direct heat. Leaving the soap in the skin helps to keep it supple and soft. The next time you need to use your chamois, rinse it in warm water, squeeze it dry and it is ready for use.

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